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Events Portal Development

Now a day's Services has become on-line globally, we tend to style property portal taking user perspective flexibility, with advance solutions and day by day change on single platform, we offer Complete solutions as well as real-estate agent sites, property agent sites, broker sites, property listing sites, vacation rentals, property get and sell, ad area mercantilism sites and lots of additional. Our old team have pretty much practiced in remodeling your thought into a customize approach on the location.

Our Event Portal

  • Online Webcast Directory : Event Portal allows captured session content to be used for revenue-generating or cost-saving programs. The Event Portal can include hundreds of recorded online sessions that can be viewed via keyword search, sorted using categories, or simply browsed.
  • Keyword-Based Content Search :Viewers can use keyword search to identify a webcast – or section of a webcast – that interests them. The search process looks for keywords in the webcast title, summary, slide content, slide notes and transcript. Clicking on the search results in the slides or transcripts takes the user to the associated section of the webcast.
  • Socila Media :The use of social media and SEO to promote the ON24 Event Portal is a key feature. Each page of the Event Portal includes "share" links to a variety of social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • Surveys  :Measure the impact of your content through session, speaker and exhibit surveys by providing them electronically. Monitor interest in speakers and sessions and know who's using which mobile platform. Discover new trends and identify which sessions, speakers and products were most popular to help plan accordingly for future events.
  • Surveys :Push out event news, highlights and updates to give your attendees complete up-to-date access to your event. Attendees can view all updates in real-time in order to view changes to sessions and other event news..
  • Content Management System :Using the Event Portal's self-service content management system, portal content managers can setup, describe, feature and categorize webcasts in the online directory. They can also add, update, edit and delete webcasts and other content on an on-going basis.
  • Online Portal & Webcast Reporting :The online reporting system includes both Portal and Webcast Reports. The Portal Report provides summary statistics and detailed viewing behavior of attendees that view the Event Portal webcasts. The Webcast Reports provide viewing metrics on the specific individuals who viewed a particular webcast.
  • Mobile Access :The Event Portal and its webcast content can be viewed on mobile devices, including Apple and Android phones and tablets. The Event Portal dynamically determines whether or not the user is using a mobile device, and then delivers the appropriate portal content.