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Online Examination Website Design

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Web Development Company, Web development Services, SEO Companies in Hyderabad, Web Design Company India

Online Exam Portal Web Development Services

Online Exam portal is the best mode to track the students' capabilities and test them, propel them in high levels to act their best in the next attack. Online Exam portal not only looking into the down marks of students, but also assisting the students and educational institutes transcend geographical boundaries and time restraints in the chore of constant evaluation of pupil functioning. The online Exam Portal provides intensive tools to administer, monitor and grade exams on-line. Online Exam portal is primary want for colleges, universities, teachers, professors, Employees, Partners, Technicians, web site Members, the overall Public, or anyone you would like to allow secure access to your Content. Recruiting agencies. it's terribly helpful for folks within the educational development of children to enhance their instructional skills.

Our Online Exam Portal Modules

1) Front End (Without Login)
2) Faculty
3) Admin Section
         3.1 Owner Account Section
         3.2 Examination Sections
         3.3 User Management
         3.4 Profile Management
         3.5 Payment Features
         3.6 Reporting Module
         3.7 Admin Panel Features

          1) Front End (Without Login)
  • Home page Redirecting Icon
  • Login Facility as Individual or as Organization
  • Reset and Password Recovery Option.
  • Basic Access to Pages
  • View “ Exam Notifications “
  • Exam Process & FAQ.
  • Verifying Candidate Identity (NEW)
  • Facility to take Demo test with dummy login.
  • Read blogs and Expert Speaks.
  • Type of Test Options
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Read Performance Report
  • Write Message.
  • Important Message Display.
  • View Presentations on Topic Wise Issues
  • Access to New Features
  • View “ Profiles of Mentors “ (NEW)
  • Access to Help Option.
  • View " Previous Question Papers" .
  • Syllabus for different Exams (NEW)
  • Access to download lessons/material/surveys based on login.
  • Access to hold open and submit exam or can go back to the previous page and submit new answers.
  • View and save the exam result after completion of exam (Demo Test).
  • Option to Check Right and Wrong Answers.
  • Result With Certificate.
  • Access to Information and Web Links.
  • Check history of previous Tests.
  • Join Us Option
  • View Latest News Scrolling option.
  • Online Support

  • 2) Faculty
  • User can be Able to Edit his Profile.
  • View basic Profile
  • List of Online Exams Display
  • Display a Registered User Tool Kit
    • Inbox
    • Compose Message
    • Reports Based On User
  • Upload Questions (NEW)
  • Multi Language Selection
  • Paid Test Facility
  • Facility to Add customer user data base
  • Unlimited data Storage
  • Create Your Own Custom Certificates
  • Pattern of Questions (General, Diagrams, Mathematical Equations and Videos )
  • Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (Check box, True/False, Radio Buttons Text Box, Select Boxes etc...)
  • Time Counter.
  • Type of Test Display (English, Aptitude, Reasoning and More...)
    • No of Questions
    • Attempts Allowed
    • Pass Rate
    • Backward Navigation (Allowed/Not Allowed)
    • Conditions
    • Exam Number..
  • Navigation Palette
    • Color Codes (Un-Attended, Marks For review, Answered, Answered but Marked for Review).
    • Hide/Un-Hide(Navigation Palette)
  • Score with percentage and remarks
  • Test Results
    • Total Score
    • Correct Answer
    • Wrong Answer
    • Negative Score for every wrong Answer
    • Not Attempted
    • Time Taken
    • Pie and Bar Graph Display
    • Question Results (With Right Answers)
  • Accurate and automatic results
  • Results can be View and Saved by the User.
  • Result with Certificate
  • Feedback.
  • Expert Speak (NEW)
  • Option to go Through with Tutorial (NEW)
  • Access to Recent Blogs.
  • Sign Out.

  • 3) Admin Section

     3.1 Owner Account Section (Schools, Colleges, Institutes etc..)
  • College Logins
  • Circulars
  • Manual Exam Forms
  • College CEO(Chief Examination Officers) List
  • Downloads For Colleges
  • Unfair Means

  •  3.2 Examination Sections
  • Office Model
  • Board of Examination
  • Exam Reform Committee
  • Gallery

  •  3.3 User Management
  • Fully Customized and Secure Admin area
  • Manage access privileges to admin's
  • Create and Manage Users
  • Provide different access permissions to users based on their account.
  • Manage multiple account user's.( companies, schools, colleges, privates institutions…etc)
  • Authorize to control all aspects of the system.
  • Authorization to edit almost all Parameters of your site.
  • Create and manage unlimited number of administrators.
  • User define custom fields for advertisements as per categories.
  • Authorize to Ban users Accounts.
  • Authorize to Ban IP Address.
  • Ban free email accounts from Registering.
  • Option to enable/disable ad display.
  • Options to create/edit/delete the list of users
  • Provide Easy URL to all ads of a particular user.
  • Option to Manage images associated with the Google Ads.
  • Access to move Google ads into other categories.
  • Automatic deletion of add after expiry.
  • Access to check Limited option for user.
  • Option to see billing statistics for Paid Users.
  • Equipped with highly configurable site parameters.
  • Support for running Google ad words.
  • Facility to Manage Sponsored Ads and Paid Ads.
  • Authorized to edit Premium Plans.
  • Facility to Manage Meta tags for any classified Ads.
  • Option to check file type and maximum file size for added security.
  • Customized MSP for every Test category.
  • Email Alert to users regarding expiry and renewal details.
  • Admin authorization to edit and manage profiles.
  • Built in poling and Ad Rating System.
  • Access to change Admin Password

  • Migration of Inactive to Free
  • Migration from Free to Paid
  • Premium Ads Approval
  • Automated Emails alert will be sent to the User and Admin for each of the above process.
  • Approve / Disapprove Questions Uploaded
  • Degrade Membership
  • Add PREPAID Packs for viewing contacts
  • Notify un related questions associated to category. (NEW)
  • Internal messaging facility for Users (Student, Scholars etc.)
  • Admin Panel with User Management
  • Top Brands Promotions on Home Page
  • Define custom fields for advertisements as per categories
  • Authorized to View, edit or delete registered user accounts
  • Authorized to View, edit or delete classified ad items
  • Authorized to enable/disable ads display
  • Able to move the existing category to new category
  • Questions uploads Access
  • Authorized to manage Emails contents which are sent to members
  • Content management system including images and banner ads
  • Integrated with all popular payment gateways
  • Offers customized exam portal
  • Online Promotions based on free and paid membership
  • On / off RSS via Admin Panel

  •  3.4 Profile Management
  • Profile Status
    • Profile Confirmed
    • Profile Cancelled, etc
  • Admin Quick Search Ads
  • SEO friendly Environment for each Ads

  •  3.5 Profile Management
  • Manage Payment Options
  • Payment Invoices can be downloaded or print. (New)
  • Consolidated Accounts Summary
  • Renewal details for Paid Members
  • Integration of Payment Gateway

  •  3.6 Reporting Module
  • Inactive Members Report
  • Free Members Report
  • Paid Members Report
  • Report can be Export in Excel Format
  • Check Reports of users by City / Gender / Country
  • Access to Edit Member Details
  • Graphical Chart View Facility
  • Detailed Statistics Report

  •  3.7 Admin Panel Features
  • Monthly Category Uploading Graph
  • Customer visit to Portal in a pie graph
  • List of Recent Ads
  • Number of Expired Ads
  • Number of online Ads
  • Feedback and Reviews
  • Enquiries by Customers
    • Name of the Customer
    • Message
    • Time of message
  • Category inventory
    • Category Name
    • Category Active/ Deactivate Status
  • Mail box
    • Inbox
    • Sent Mails
    • Compose Mails
  • SMS Facility
    • Sent SMS
    • Templates
    • Compose SMS
  • Customer Account Information
    • Customer Name
    • Email Id
    • Mobile Number
    • Login Status (Login/Logout)
    • Login Status (Active/De-active)
    • Date
    • Time, Action, etc
  • Country Management
    • Country
    • State
    • City
  • Attributes management
    • Add Free ad
    • Add Paid ad
  • Integration of Payment Gateway
    • Payment gateways Activate/Deactivate option
  • Careers
    • When Jobseeker Upload his/her Resume that is tacked at the front end, later admin can check the profiles.
  • Coupons
    • Coupons for Regular Questions Uploaded user with Gold
    • Coupons for Maximum Questions Uploaded with Silver
    • Coupons for Minimum Questions Uploaded with Bronze
  • Contact Us/ Reach Us
  • Email Template Facility (Including title, date, time and action)
  • CMS Management
    • List of CMS Pages
    • Header Content
    • Website Features (Footer)
  • Ad Management
    • Feature Ads
    • Popular Ads
    • New Ads
  • Banner Management
    • Facility for Static Left Side Banner
    • Facility for Profile Right Side Banner
    • Facility for Home Page Middle Banner
    • Category wise Banner uploading
    • Sub Category wise uploading
    • Child Category wise uploading
    • Feature Ads Banner
    • Popular Ads Banner
    • New Ads Banner
  • Facility of Feedback & Review
    • Review (Customer Review on Service)
    • Testimonial
    • Register / Login
    • Registered user Profiles / Activate Paid Profiles
    • Reports
    • Complete FRANCHISEE Admin
  • Access to Web Settings
    • Authorization to Edit Host Name
    • Favicon
    • Authorization to Change logo
    • Edit Admin Contact Details
    • Edit email/Mobile Details in Mails
    • Set Type of Currency with Status
    • Admin Can add Social Networking Sites and Edit
    • Social Networking App Ids
    • Enable option to add URLs in Google tools
    • Upload Error Images (404 Error, Page Not Found, etc)
  • "Login History " to check your login (New)
  • Option to View "Home Page" after making changes in Admin Panel. ( New)

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