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Payment Gateway Integration

What is payment gateway?

Payment gateway services are a bridge between merchants and clients that authorizes to pay the amount for the online product or service purchase through a secure payment system that process accepts or declines the credit card payment transactions.

A payment gateway is simply an authorization service for Internet credit card transactions and is used to facilitate communication between the business, the card issuer and the business's bank.

It is a remotely hosted software application that enables merchants to accept credit card and electronic check payments directly from their website.

These payment gateways are offered by different banks and other dedicated Payment Processors. The requirements for an account vary from service to service, with specific requirements described on the web sites of most gateway providers.

How the Payment gateway process works

When a client places an order for purchasing a product from shopping cart and clicks the "submit" or equivalent button then it asks to provide few details of your name, credit card no and bank details.

Then the payment gateway captures the credit card transaction, encrypts the transaction information, routes it to the credit card processor and then returns either an approval or a decline notice.

The main job of the gateway is to validate your client's credit card securely, make sure the funds are available, and get you paid.

There are three vital things that are used for secure payment process

Who can Use payment gateway

Payment gateway account can be useful for all types of businesses that operate online. From service providers to online education to retail, there are plenty of applications where you can use payment gateway solutions.

Is it secure?

Payment gateway is a very secure way for online payment.

Usually the customer is required to enter personal details, the entire communication of 'Submit Order' page (i.e. customer - payment gateway) is often carried out through HTTPS protocol.

Internet payment gateways also offer fraud screening tools to reduce fraudulent transactions. This includes address verification and card code value (CVV) verification to ensure that the payments made via your Internet payment gateway are legitimate orders and not from fraudulent use. It also prevents fraud by storing the credit card transactions in the Internet payment gateway rather than on your website. This reduces your liability as you won't have to store any credit card information.

There is a growing support by acquirers, issuers and subsequently by payment gateways for Virtual Payer Authentication (VPA), implemented as 3-D secure protocol - branded as Verified by VISA, MasterCard Secure Code and J/Secure by JCB, which adds additional layer of security for online payments. 3-D Secure promises to alleviate some of the problems facing online merchants, like the inherent distance between the seller and the buyer, and the inability of the first to easily confirm the identity of the second.

Benefits of Payment Gateway

Payment gateway solutions are Speed and efficient: payment gateways are speed and efficient. If your business conducts a number of credit card transactions, a payment gateway will significantly decrease the time spent on processing those transactions.

Less red tape: If you have just started your business, a payment gateway allows you to start accepting credit cards immediately rather than waiting to build a positive credit history for a merchant account.

Fraud protection: If a customer presents a credit card that has been reported lost or stolen, a payment gateway will notify you immediately so you don't process the transaction. This prevents charge-backs and protects your customers.

Available Payment Gateway Services

  • EBS
  • HSBC Global Pay
  • CCAvenue
  • Authorize Net
  • Atom
  • HDFC Payment Gateway
  • ICICI Payment Gateway
  • Techprocess
  • Payu
  • Baroda e-Gateway
  • Axis Bank Payment Gateway
  • Direct Pay
  • Cellnext

E-Billing Solutions(EBS)

EBS is a pioneer to associate with multiple acquiring Banks for providing Payment Gateway services to offer Master, Visa, Diners, Net Banking & Cash Card brands on a single platform. Our offices are spread out in the Metros of Mumbai, Hyderabad & Chennai and a network of associates span across the country, for easy reach and to provide personal attention, service and consultation.

EBS is the first Indian merchant account provider to achieve the PCI DSS Level 1 Standards of Compliance. EBS has been awarded the ISO 27001 Compliance Certification for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) by STQC.

EBS systems make available sophisticated technologies to Indian Merchants through a user friendly console, integrated with multiple online payment acquiring options on a single platform. The platform independent systems provide a cost effective solution without further infrastructure or skilled manpower, otherwise not available with Indian Merchants, to explore the online space

Spark Infosys with our professional ecommerce team, we help you in making your payment gateway integration simpler and apply a flawless payment solution for your requirements. Through approach of sincerity in whatever we execute, we are today a maestro in the website development, Web Hosting, search engine optimization (SEO), Payment Gateways, Bulk SMS, Mobile App development, Google Apps setup and SSL certificate. Our team has immense experience in executing payment integrations for one of the best shopping carts available in the market that includes zencart, os commerce, xcart, virtue mart, and magento. Moreover, our web developers can also integrate a payment gateway of clients' choice with your ecommerce website, or online application.

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