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VIdeo Sharing Portal Designing and Development

Now a day's Services has become on-line globally, we tend to style property portal taking user perspective flexibility, with advance solutions and day by day change on single platform, we offer Complete solutions as well as real-estate agent sites, property agent sites, broker sites, property listing sites, vacation rentals, property get and sell, ad area mercantilism sites and lots of additional. Our old team have pretty much practiced in remodeling your thought into a customize approach on the location.

Our VIdeo Sharing Portal Features

  • MODERN SOCIAL VIDEO INTERFACE : Encourages employees to collaborate and share video content easily amongst their teams.
  • EMPLOYEE GENERATED CONTENT :Keep users informed and engaged by allowing them to subscribe to channels and receive email notifications.
  • ROBUST VIDEO SEARCH AND DISCOVERY :Within the video title, description and subtitles. Skip directly to the location of the search phrase.
  • POWERFUL CONTENT ORGANIZATION  :Centrally curate categories, sub-categories and channels for intuitive content segregation and discovery.
  • ORGANIZATION OF CATEGORIES / CHANNELS :Make some content channels private and secured for authorized access only while others are publicly available.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE LOOK AND FEEL :Customize colors and logos to enforce corporate branding initiatives.
  • ADVANCED CONTENT SEARCH :Makes it very easy to navigate content and quickly find the right video programs based on keywords, category selections – or even search the spoken words within a video.
  • FLEXIBLE VIDEO PLAYBACK OPTIONS :Viewers can move and re-size video windows on-the-fly while viewing both live video presentations as well as video on demand programs utilizing the Silver light player options within the portal.
  • SOCIAL COLLABORATION :Comment on the videos you watch and see what others are saying, use ratings to narrow your view to 5 star videos, and use advanced sharing controls to notify a colleague and send just a small clip portion of a longer video to watch.
  • LOGIN AUTHENTICATION :LDAP integration including Microsoft Active Directory controls who can view what and can be based on pre-set groups.